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Customer projects EDI

EDI Outsourcing

At EDI outsourcing projects the planed or existing EDI operations with national or international partners will be transferred to the service provider e-integration GmbH. Different in-house formats, multiple external data formats (national and international standards, individual partner formats) and communication protocols will be supported. The advantages result in cost efficient structures, like the "economy of scale" principal, and higher reliability of operation through to redundant systems at the provider's side.

EDI roll out

EDI roll out projects are about a quick and cost-efficient expansion of the EDI operation to hundreds of national and international EDI partner connections via our e-center. In the process, we take over all tasks related to planning, project management and implementation in the dialogue with your customers and partners.


In our WebEDI projects, we carry out the connection of a large amount of suppliers via our e-integration WebEDI portal. This enables us to quickly achieve a high EDI rate for you and integrate your partners into the EDI circuit in the easiest way possible.


With Fax2EDI projects, we provide for the conversion of faxes into data. This is an easy way for you to achieve a 100% EDI rate in order receipt.


PDF2EDI projects concentrate on the integration of the medium PDF into the world of EDI. An automatic interpretation of the PDF invoices from your suppliers in the EDI data stream for your financial accounting department is carried out.


In EDI2FAX projects we organise your large-volume faxing of time-critical documents (express orders, coverage commitments, etc.) with clearly defined SLA and multi-stage status feedback. Your EDI data streams are the input for these projects.


Archiving is a service for the digital preservation of business documents in accordance with laws. Upon request, we can implement this archiving method with online access.


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