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Customer projects Collaborative Business

Order processing

A cross-media connection of customers is implemented, to convey incoming orders to an automatic further processing system. In addition to classic EDI connection, we also implement the recognition and collection of fax orders, to optimise your incoming order processes.


Projects for the digitalisation of the processing of outgoing orders and the access to the corresponding documents delivery note and invoice especially for small and medium-sized business partners (SMB). We realise the individual requirements of the buyers based on the edi4every1 supplier portal. The suppliers become EDI compatible off the cuff via a simple web access.

Incoming invoices

Optimisation of document management for incoming invoices. Incoming invoices via EDI in all different kinds of data formats and PDF invoices via E-mail are enabled in the projects. The processes are coordinated individually in the project depending on the recipient and implemented in compliance with the legal requirements. For example, there are options such as qualified signature and online archive. During the roll out, we provide support by approaching the partners and coordinating the connection methods.

Outgoing invoices

The projects can include the entire invoice output of the company. The invoice data is taken over via one single interface and transmitted to the customer in the format and using the channel he or she requires. Standard conversion into different EDI formats, EANCOM, XML, CSV and/PDF can be used; just like the optional services qualified electronic signature or online archive.


With a connection to the e-center, you exchange logistical data in the required format (EDI standard formats or individual in-house formats) in the direction of both shipment and receipt with your logistics partners. The e-center takes care of the corresponding conversion and routing of the data via the specified RDT protocol (X.400, FTP, AS2) with the respective partners. In the project, the team also takes care of the roll out to the logistics specialists.


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