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Business scenarios

Are EDI procedures the right solution?

Yes, there are many good reasons for using EDI. On this page, we'll show you some ways to use EDI in your organization - and show why alleged barriers to introducing EDI are not as big as you might think!

How EDI simplifies document receipt

Your customers and suppliers often send orders or invoices by fax or as a PDF. In your company, there is a great deal of work to do, as the data has to be collected by hand. At the same time, outgoing invoices and orders in your house are created, printed, enveloped and shipped manually or with little technical support. A lot of time pressure and high error rates are the result.

Standardized EDI procedures are the right "medicine" for these problems. We connect your EDI-capable partners via standardized procedures and interfaces. Our clearing center also handles the exchange of documents with non-EDI partners. This will also give you PDF or fax documents via your EDI connection. You quickly achieve high automation that relieves your in-house resources of tedious, non-value-added activities.

On our EDI pages, you will find much information on how you can generate (competitive) advantages with digital, automated processes.

EDI cloud instead of in-house solution

Your business is already taking advantage of EDI. You use an in-house solution that you have to maintain and host yourself. There are technical problems on a recurring basis, which in turn lead to delays in business processes. The role of the "EDI caretaker" lies with your house – even more burdensome if the existing structure is already older, expensive or familiar only to a few employees. Updates and maintenance intervals have to be carried out, errors or even system failures have to be solved on your own.

With a cloud solution, you benefit from the expertise of a specialist provider, without giving up control. You continue to work with your established procedures, but you can leave the day-to-day operations to a third party. With service level agreements and personal contacts, you also minimize the technical risk of failure at the same time. Issues such as data protection and other standards are regularly certified so that a cloud solution is in no way inferior in terms of security to an in-house solution, and in many cases even ahead of them. With the e-center, e-integration offers such a cloud solution. Here you can find more information: EDI outsourcing.

Is EDI really that expensive?

You are aware of the benefits of EDI, but you are concerned about the high installation costs and IT burden on your EDI implementation.

If you want to implement EDI procedures including all hardware and software components in your company as an in-house solution, the costs are actually very high. In addition, there is the risk that the project will incur additional costs which can not be calculated in advance. The situation is different when it comes to choosing a cloud-based solution. Here, the costs are predictable from the outset. The entire implementation process is done by or in collaboration with experts who can bring in a lot of EDI project experience. Examples of successful e-integration projects can be found on our reference pages.

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Collaborative Business

EDI processes offer many advantages for the following business processes:

Order processing


Incoming invoices

Outgoing Invoices


Matching EDI products

e-integration offers you suitable EDI products for every need:

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