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WebEDI - Web-based EDI integration of SMB suppliers

In practice, the integration of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in particular often proves to be difficult:

  • SMB fear high initial costs
  • SMB lack the necessary EDI know-how
  • SMB are subject to technical and organisational restrictions

This leads to unnecessary high process costs in purchasing because maintaining both EDI and the paper-based processing is required. Consequently, the potential of your existing ERP systems is not exhausted.


The solution: The e-integration supplier portal “edi4every1”, to connect SMB to your ERP system.

  • You define your EDI interface with our e-centre only once.
  • All your suppliers simply require a browser and Internet access, to electronically exchange their business data with edi4every1.
  • Suppliers are notified of orders and these are displayed in the browser.
  • Suppliers generate the delivery notes and invoices in the online dialogue, which are transmitted to you via EDI by edi4every1.

Your benefits


  • You process 100% of your orders in a paperless manner in the EDI format.
  • SMB are also EDI compatible for you.
  • Electronic “answers” (DESADV, INVOIC) to your ORDERS ensure a maximum overview of your ongoing purchasing processes.
  • This is possible for the SMB without making their own investments.
  • High process cost savings on your part are only offset by minor operating expenses.


  • The Exchange of data between your procurement system and the e-centre is carried out via EDI by using the existing data formats of your system without any changes on your part.
  • We generate the electronic order document in edi4every1, including notification and indication in the supplier’s browser.
  • The supplier processes the order using the “turn-around method” in his or her browser. With merely a few clicks, the order data can be converted into delivery note (with or without SSCC) and invoice.
  • The data from the browser/portal is converted in the e-center and transferred to you in the required format via EDI.


Detlef Schwan

Telephone: +49 (0)2102 479 - 120


  • CFS Wallau GmbH & Co. KG

»e-integration’s procurement portal streamlines the administrative processing in our purchasing department and reduces the process costs. Our suppliers obtain their orders via the Internet, together with accompanying technical documents for the quick processing of the order and feedback for us as an order confirmation, delivery note and invoice in the EDIFACT format. We as well as the suppliers improve working together.«

Sven Göhring, CFS Wallau GmbH & Co. KG

Weitere Infos

Hier finden Sie unsern WebEDI Flyer zum Download. 


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