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FAX2EDI - Digitalisation of fax orders and paper invoices

Despite an increased propagation of EDI, your customers are still placing orders via fax.

The consequence:

  • The coexistence of various methods increases process costs in order processing.
  • Entry errors result in incorrect order process management.
  • Personnel capacities must be planned for peak times.

For situations like these, we offer you our FAX2EDI service, which significantly simplifies the workflow: Faxes (orders) are received in the e-center, the relevant information/data fields are extracted and made available to you in the required data format (EDIFACT or in-house format). Just as if your partner were already EDI compatible!

There is also a similar solution at your disposal for paper-based incoming invoices.

Your benefits

Our service FAX2EDI reduces the complexity and costs of your order entry to a fraction of the current actual cost.

  • Quick change to 100% EDI data processing
  • Fast entry and processing of incoming orders or invoices
  • Reduction of data recording errors
  • Reduction of process costs in order management
  • High level of customer satisfaction because of shorter processing times and quicker delivery
  • Your employees’ working hours and expertise is not blocked by collection/recording data but can be used more valueable for other business activities (supporting and tending to customers, processing requests for information and requests for proposals, etc.)
  • Improvement of your cash flow


  • The fax orders are transmitted from the e-integration fax server to the FAX2EDI system. Here, the fax orders are processed and – if necessary – checked by e-integration staff members.
  • The data extracted from the fax orders are converted into the required EDI format and then, sent via EDI quickly and promptly according to the contractually agreed processing times.
  • In practice, additional workflows have proven to be valuable, such as the exclusion and transmission of illegible or unrelated documents as an attachment to an E-mail directly to your specialist’s work station.
  • Another addition is the provision of an electronic archiving system.
  • For this purpose, the fax orders (TIF files) are, adapted to the import interface, provided with an index and archived.


Detlef Schwan

Telephone: +49 (0)2102 479 - 120


  • Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH

»The staff members do great work in document digitization. Our experience shows that when customers call, the requests can be found quickly because the essential information such as customer name(s), construction project, location, etc. are stored.«

Hans-Jürgen Pole, Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH


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