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EDI2FAX - And we also process the remaining letters and faxes for you

You send your business documents, for instance orders, to your business partners via EDI. However, some of your partners have small businesses and they can »only« receive documents via fax or post. In order to fully utilise your rationalisation potential, you can also address these partners via the e-center using your existing EDI interface.

  • With EDI2FAX , we send your orders via fax or post.
  • If sentby fax , you also receive a confirmation of the successful fax transmission.

Consequently, you can reach all your business partners via one standardised EDI interface.

Your benefits

  • With EDI2FAX, you can achieve a 100% rate in EDI document transmission.
  • No investments in postal, telecommunication or IT infrastructures are necessary.
  • e-integration provides you with the scalable infrastructure, with which high peaks in demand at the turn of the month can also be contained.
  • You can skip the resource planning regarding holidays or illness.


  • You send us your EDI documents with a RDT protocol of your choice and in your data format (EDIFACT, XML, IDoc or the like).
  • We convert your EDI documents in a layout of your choice.
  • The documents are prepared to meet postal requirements and processed by mail or sent via our fax server.
  • The delivery of the faxes is monitored and you are informed of the status.


Detlef Schwan

Telefone: +49 (0)2102 479 - 120


  • Kaiser's Tengelmann GmbH

»... the fax service is carried out without any noise at all!” says Matthias Becker, department of information systems at the Kaiser’s Tengelmann GmbH in Viersen, in regard to the EDI2Paper service, which e-integration renders for Kaiser’s orders of fresh products, which is made available in the morning hours and in a time-critical manner based on a close-knit SLA.«

Matthias Becker, Kaiser's Tengelmann GmbH

Weitere Infos

Hier finden Sie unseren EDI2FAX Flyer zum Download.


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