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Reliable and efficient exchange of business documents

Today more than ever, business relationships between companies are based on standardised electronic EDI processes. Order processing, invoicing and purchasing can be handled more efficiently and at a lower cost with EDI and existing business processes can be optimised.

EDI enables

  • an electronic exchange of business data without any human errors or interventions
  • a high speed exchange of data by eliminating paper-based, time consuming processes
  • a maximum acceleration and optimisation of business processes

We specialise in the conception, implementation and running of these processes in an ASP model. Our service connects you with your business partners quickly and at a reasonable price 

  • via our e-centre (“classic EDI” and Internet-based “WEB2EDI”)
  • as well as concerning all media including classic media such as faxes and letters.

We kindly invite you to become better acquainted with us and with the options of our e-centre.


 Detlef Schwan

Telephone: +49 (0)2102 479 - 120


Hansgrohe AG

»We are happy to work with you as a reliable partner side by side.«

The EDI Team, Hansgrohe AG


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