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Improved reliability due to "running ahead" information

The cargo transportation chain is controlled more efficiently if the control data precedes the transportation of the goods. The next station in the logistics chain is informed in advance, can prepare its tasks and in doing so, execute these tasks more reliably and efficiently.

Control data starts with the shipper and is then made available to the subsequent stations - freight forwarder, forwarding agent, incoming forwarder and ultimately, the recipient. Status information is given as feedback, which reports positive incidents or in a worst case scenario, indicates possible discrepancies and therefore, enables the quickest possible initiation of necessary corrective measures. These processes are indicated in the data standard EDIFACT using the message types DESADV, IFTMIN and IFTSUM as well as in the opposite direction IFTSTA. The process is usually completed with the forwarder’s invoice (INVOIC) to the shipper.

The e-integration e-center links the involved parties and provides for a quick and uncomplicated exchange of data between them.

They connect to the e-center and exchange the logistical data in the required format (EDI standard formats or individual in-house formats) in both directions - shipment and receipt. The logistics partners typically receive or send the data as EDIFACT messages. The e-center takes care of the conversion and routing of the data via the specified protocol (X.400, FTP, AS2) with the respective partners.

The benefits for all participants in the cargo transportation chain

  • Guarantee of the scheduled process
  • Quickest possible detection of discrepancies and initiation of corrective measures
  • Time saving
  • Error prevention
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Efficient controlling of transport


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