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Quick and efficient processing of your orders

The best practice method in order processing relies on EDI (“e-ordering”) for the receipt of customer orders. Furthermore, catalogue-based online orders in the supplier’s WEB portals are possible.

In addition to the actual order, the process includes the order confirmation, the delivery note, the invoice and the advice of settlement.

There are no paper documents; the supplier has the data as quickly as possible and without any errors and initiate a correct and quick delivery at the lowest processing costs.

Customer connection with classic EDI

  • You merely operate one standardised data and communication interface to your ERP for all message types and partners (customers)
  • e-integration professionally takes over all EDI tasks for you such as

    • approaching your customers
    • communication link to all common communication protocols and methods for you and your partners
    • conversion of all data standards such as EDIFACT, XML OpenTrans ... or your partners’ individual formats

  • Efficient and projectable roll outs based on reference data sets (“RDS”)
  • Synchronised “EDI manuals”, to facilitate the communication with customers and speed of EDI roll-out
  • No additional investments in EDI hardware, EDI software, know-how, development and operating staff for you or your customers!

The combination of EDI and a comprehensive software for order processing brings additional benefits such as increased visibility, accuracy, speed and cost benefits. Find more information about a cloud software for sales order processing on!

Cross-media customer connection

Despite a wide EDI proliferation, faxes, as an instrument to transmit orders, are not becoming less important. This applies in particular to SME, that refuse to implement EDI due to various technical and economic reasons. However, also EDI capable customers place last minute orders, in part, via fax after scheduled EDI transmission or use fax orders for products, which are not maintained in their master data.

For you as a supplier this means: at least two different processes must be supported. Therefore, the full utilisation of rationalisation potential is hampered. For situations like this, e-integration offers you a combination of both processes.

Fax orders are received by e-integration in the e-center as such, converted into EDI orders and automatically transferred to the supplier. The result: The EDI rate for incoming orders increases to nearly 100%.


Detlef Schwan

Telephone: +49 (0)2102 479 - 120


  • Vaillant GmbH

»e-integration receives the incoming Vaillant-faxorders from our wholesale partners. After an automatic plausiblity check we get our faxorders as an electronic data flow corresponding to the EDIFACT data operation. And that with an exactness of more than 99,95 %.«

Peter Freund, Vaillant GmbH

Further information

You can download our lastest Order Processing flyer.


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