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Your incoming invoices - 100% electronic

Over 90% of the more than 30 billion B2B invoices annually are transmitted as paper documents in the EU. This is costly and harmful to the natural environment. Furthermore, there are disadvantages for you as the invoice recipient in the manual processing of these invoices:

  • Data entry errors
  • Double payments
  • Slow internal processes
  • Non-use of discounts and other beneficial conditions

Paper invoices and electronic invoices have been legally equivalent since 2012. That simplifies the technical realisation of incoming invoices (“e-invoicing”). The organisational responsibility for the reliability of invoice verification is shifted (“system of internal controls”) to the recipient.

The advantages of incoming electronic invoices primarily consist of accelerated, accurate and continuous processes in the accounts payable department. Depending on the project, up to €30 can be saved in process costs per invoice document.

The e-integration solution for incoming electronic invoices includes all areas of paperless receipt of invoice data, regardsless of the format and communication± method of your suppliers. This also includes the data conversion for your financial and accounting system as the basis for automated invoice verification and electronic archiving.

We provide an optimised mix of several methods for this purpose:

  • Receipt of invoices via classic EDI
  • Supplier portal (WebEDI)
  • E-mail receipt and subsequent processing of PDF invoices (PDF2EDI)
  • Paper-based receipt (post) with subsequent scanning and OCR processing

For this, you connect your financial accounting system to our e-center via one single interface:

  • Your partners send the invoices in the format or using the method, which they command (EDI, WebEDI, PDF, paper)
  • Your receive each document in the format which you need for invoice processing – typically the in-house format of your ERP system such as SAP, IDoc or the like.
  • Optionally incl. validation of the invoice data, i.e. completeness of the invoice data fields (mandatory fields pursuant to §14 of the German Value Added Tax Act)
  • Optionally including legally compliant digital long term archiving

Your benefits

  • You can effectively reduce your costs with electronic invoice processing (process, paper, archives).
  • All invoice data is available electronically and can be immediately checked and posted in your EDP system.
  • You make better use of payment terms (discounts).
  • Data entry errors are avoided.
  • You can integrate the invoices from all suppliers into the process regardless of their technical basis.
  • We offer you the required Service Level Agreement for all processing peaks; even during holiday periods.
  • e-integration carries out all processes in a legally compliant manner taking into account §14 of the German Value Added Tax Act, the principles of data access and auditing of digital documents (GDPdU in Germany) as well as the principles of proper computerised accounting systems (GoBS in Germany) into account.

In conjunction with a more advanced accounts payable cloud, companies can automate and improve their entire invoice processing process. Find more information about a accounts payable solution on!


Detlef Schwan

Telephone: +49 (0)2102 479 - 120


  • GSH GmbH & Co. KG

»... e-integration is an EDI provider, with which we have had nothing but good experiences to date!” says Torsten Kuhmann from the GSH GmbH & Co. KG in Greven, which uses e-integration as an EDI service provider between suppliers, the association and the association members.«

Torsten Kuhmann, GSH GmbH & Co. KG

Further information

You can download our lastest Incoming Invoices flyer.


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