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About us

Strong partners, powerful solutions


IBM ( is the central hardware supplier of the distributed server architecture of the e-center of the e-integration GmbH. According to the “no single point of failure” principle, the e-center builds on high quality IBM server and storage systems with full redundancy at two locations. The e-integration GmbH maintains a more than 20 year partnership with IBM (“IBM Business Partner”).

Logsys AG

The Logsys AG (Switzerland, is specialised in products for “Trusted Information Logistics”. For the EDI communication, the e-integration GmbH operates, among other technologies, a private X.400 Management Domain (PDMD) according to the ISO definition based on the ISOCOR software from Logsys AG. In particular, the X.400 protocols P1 and P7 are supported.

APITEA Technologies, s.r.o.

APITEA Technologies, s.r.o is a development partner in the Czech Republic for complex software in the area of Cloud applications. Apitea cooperates with the e-integration GmbH for the development and utilisation of application services for electronic procurement. Since December 2013, the e-integration GmbH holds a 25.5% share in apitea.


OPTIMAL SYSTEMS ( has been developing and distributing software solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for more than two decades. The archiving system from Optimal System is the basis for our certified archiving service.


HP ( The e-integration GmbH uses the archiving system from Optimal System on HP servers. The complete system is certified for compliance with the German principles of proper computerised accounting systems (GoBS), the principles of data access and auditing of digital documents (GPdPU) and VO.


SAP ( is the leading provider of corporate software with its headquarters in Walldorf (Germany) as well as distribution and development bases in 50 countries worldwide. As early as 1994, the precursor company of the e-integration GmbH, the MLC Systeme GmbH, was certified as the third company worldwide as a partner in the EDI environment (“SAP certified interface”). Furthermore, the e-integration GmbH cooperates with several system partners for SAP Business One, to provide EDI services.


secunet ( is the leading German provider of demanding IT security. In close dialogue with its customers – companies, authorities and international organisations – secunet develops efficient products and advanced IT security solutions. In doing so, secunet not only ensures IT infrastructures for its customers but achieves intelligent process optimisations and creates sustainable added values. The security partnership with the Federal Republic of Germany, which has existed since 2004, emphasises this impressively.

For the e-integration GmbH, the partnership with secunet means having the certainty of being able to trust in the quality and security of a global market leader in the area of EDI and in particular, for signature solutions. The e-integration GmbH pursues a complete “Private Key Infrastructure” (PKI) for the simple generation of qualified signatures as well as their verification in terms of the Digital Signature Act and the provisions of §14 of the German Value Added Tax Act.


TCG ( develops products and integrates technologies for the automated digitalisation and processing of documents. The TCG solutions forms the quintessence of our specialised solutions in the area of cross-media data integration. The product TCG DocProStar® for orders resulted from mutual development work and today, is used for the digitalisation of faxed orders.

TASK eDoc Services

The TASK eDoc Services ( attends to the subject of overcoming the information and media break and developed corresponding solutions in this conjunction. The e-integration GmbH works in close collaboration with TASK in the area of automated PDF processing and offers PDF extraction as a consistent provider solution.

Langner Communications

Langner Communications ( is a software and consulting firm established in 1988, which is specialised in complex automation and control technology. Today, the fax solutions represent the business class of fax communication for Unix/Linux servers. The e-integration GmbH uses the product CombiFAX from Langner Communications for the automated receipt of faxed orders.


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