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About us

Strong partners, powerful solutions


Eight Bit ( is a leading provider of software solutions in the area of ERP systems in Serbia. Eight Bit develops customer-individual CRM and ERP applications from the headquarters in Belgrade. In the EDI sector, Eight Bit relies on the know-how and competence from e-integration and uses the e-center as a platform for Eight Bit customers in South East Europe.

Columbus Systems

Als ERP-Softwareanbieter verfügt Columbus Systems ( als Partner mittelständischer Unternehmen über eine hohe Expertise und langjährige Erfahrung im ERP-Management. Mittelständische Unternehmen werden von Columbus Systems maßgeschneidert und bedarfsorientiert beraten, so dass die Unternehmen die effektivste und auf die Bedürfnisse angepasste ERP-Software SAP Business One im Einsatz haben. Ein Rundum-Service steht bei Columbus Systems an erster Stelle.

Compudata AG

Compudata ( is a leading provider of solutions and services for electronic business processes in Switzerland. Compudata has been operating in the area of electronic business processes (EDI/B2B) since 1991 and established its own platform for electronic business processes called B2Bnet in 2004. Compudata and e-integration cooperate in this sector, to accelerate the propagation of EDI in Europe via this channel.


The DATAreform GmbH ( is one of the leading companies in the area of health shop data processing. The more than 25 year’s of experience in software development are reflected in a mature software solution. Furthermore, DATAreform offers non-sector specific IT consultation and data processing concepts. In the area of EDI, DATAreform and e-integration have been collaborating successfully for years.

The eCl@ss e.V. ( was founded by 12 large companies of the German economy on November 14th, 2000. Meanwhile, eCl@ss e.V. has about 140 members from economy, associations and public institutions. The members have an accumulatet annual turnover of more than 1,000 billion EUR and represent a major economic output. Besides the main office in Germany (situated in the Cologne Institut Economic Research), eCl@ss also maintains offices in China, France, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Portugal/Spain and in Egypt.

eCl@ss is THE cross-industry product data standard for classification and clear description of products and services. Since 2000, eCl@ss has established itself as the only ISO/IEC compliant industry standard nationally and internationally. eCl@ss holds an established position in industry, commerce, crafts, food, services and much more. With its 40,800 product classes and 16,800 properties, eCl@ss covers the majority of traded goods and services. Many industry standards (e.g. from the electronic industry, medical technology, construction engineering, paper industry / office technology) are looking for interoperability to realize the potentials of a cross-industry standard.

e-integration has implemented eCl@ss in PROmitea as its classification system for a comfortable research of suppliers. Furthermore, the eCl@ss network was established collaboratively by eCl@ss e.V. and e-integration GmbH.

The eCl@ss explanation video

GS1 Germany

Mutual standards for the identification of products and for communication along the entire value chain are important foundations for any successful business relationship. GS1 Germany ( based in Cologne promotes the development and implementation of open, cross-sector, worldwide valid standards and offers solutions for an uncomplicated flow of goods and data. GS1 Germany belongs to the global GS1 network with more than 100 GS1 country organisations. e-integration has been supporting the work of the GS1 for years and is also involved with the further creation and implementation of EDI standards.


The GWS Gesellschaft für Warenwirtschaftssystem in Münster ( is one of the leading providers of merchandise management systems in Germany. With its solutions, the GWS offers merchandise management systems for defined sectors, which are tailored to the respective needs of the customers. With this approach, the GWS has shown a continuous and effective growth since its formation. In the area of EDI, the GWS and e-integration have been collaborating successfully for years.


The Infinite Sp. z o.o. ( has designed and developed IT solutions which automate and enhance key business processes since 2002. The systems are deployed in various industries, including: consumer goods, automotive industry, heavy industry, Do-it-yourself and Small-and-Medium-sized-Enterprises.

IT tools offered by Infinite have been successfully deployed in over 5000 companies especially in Poland but also abroad. Infinite systems operate, among others, in Germany, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the USA.

Due to its long lasting experience and market knowledge, from 2016 Infinite will distribute the e-sourcing software "PROmitea" of e-integration in Poland.


Mercateo is Europe’s leading procurement platform for business customers on the Internet. At , companies in Germany can order from a product range consisting of more than ten million products, such as office supplies, II as well as industrial supplies or factory and warehouse equipment. Companies of all sizes belong to the more than one million customers, from DAX-listed companies and medium-sized companies to freelance workers as well as numerous government authorities. In addition to the standard assortment, companies can integrate their own basic agreement suppliers in a customised manner and use a modular system of e-procurement functions. This includes catalogue hosting, personsalised views and product identifications, the digital approval process ApproveNow as well as electronic interfaces to customer internal systems. In addition to Germany, Mercateo is present in more than ten European countries and employs more than 350 employees.

Nissen & Velten

The Nissen Velten Software GmbH ( stands for innovative corporate software for medium-sized businesses since 1989. The owner-operated software firm in Stockach (county of Konstanz) has been successfully relying on sustainable, organic growth and independence for over 20 years. Together with a comprehensive partner network, Nissen & Velten oversees approximately 550 trade-specific ERP projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. e-integration cooperates as an EDI partner for the Nissen & Velten solution eNVenta ERP.


The r@atiodata ( is one of the large German IT service providers. As a subsidiary of the GAD (, Ratiodata offers its customers sophisticated product and support services in the areas of scanning and document services, IT systems & services, personnel management and special solutions. In the area of scanning and document services, r@tiodata and e-integration have been working together successfully since 2009 because the service range of r@tiodata perfectly supplements the core competencies of e-integration with a market leader.

RealCore Consulting GmbH

The RealCore Consulting GmbH ( is an SAP technology consulting firm with focus on the areas of SAP NetWeaver, people integration as well as process integration and the entire SAP technology environment. The special features of RealCore include the “RealShore concept”. RealShore offers high quality ABAP development at similarly low prices, which are otherwise asked for offshoring. Given that RealCore always holds a development team available for RealShore, it is possible, with nearly no lead time at all - practically on-demand - to implement flexible orders of any volume for customers. e-integration and RealCore cooperate closely in the area of SAP-related subjects.

rocon Rohrbach EDV-Consulting GmbH ...

... is a medium-sized software-company based in Mainz, Frankfurt, Cologne and Trier which has many years of  experience in branches like production, trade, e-commerce and services sector. The SAP Gold Partner offers competent IT-consulting, customized ERP-systems for medium-sized enterprises and individual software.

Granted by the SAP-award for highest continuity of supervision for existing customers, rocon sets a high value on comprehensive, pro-active and efficient customer service.

Before beginning the software project the experts determine the requirements for the software during an analysis workshop in the respective company. In this way it will be possible to benefit from hidden potentials, to avoid risks and to offer alternatives.

ERP-systems, individual solutions - The optimal software for companies

rocon is specialised in the improvement of business processes with SAP Business One and HANA.

If standard software is not be able to cover complex company processes, rocon creates individual custom solutions.

ServiCon Service & Consult eG

The ServiCon Service & Consult eG ( is the service organisation of the commercial trade cooperatives and franchise systems as well as the commercial affiliated company of the association of “the small business network”. It offers interesting services and basic agreements to purchasing associations, cooperatives and franchise system organised medium-sized companies and has strategic alliances with leading service providers; as for instance with e-integration.

Teledin s.r.o.

Teledin s.r.o. ( is a specialised software firm based in Prague for solutions in the area of e-solutions/EDI as well as IT security. Teledin was also a holding of the Deutsche Post AG for many years and in this connection, provided for improved stability and the utilisation of development options. In the area of EDI, Teledin and e-integration have been collaborating successfully for years.

Verband elektronische Rechnung

The Verband elektronische Rechnung (“VeR”, based in Frankfurt represent the interests of service providers and consulting firms for electronic invoice exchange as well as for companies using e-invoicing. On behalf of its approx. 30 members, the VeR pursues the objective of establishing e-invoicing as a standard so that companies of all sizes can participate in electronic invoice exchange easily and safely. In March 2010, the association introduced a roaming standard for the improved collaboration between e-invoicing providers. e-integration is an active member of VeR and has committed to complying with the defined standards.

Wiegmann-DMP GmbH

The Wiegmann-DMP GmbH ( with locations in Hanover and Petershagen has - in second generation- been becoming one of the most high-performance nationwide service providers in the area of invoicing, direct marketing, Lettershop and fulfilment since 1988. For more than 25 years, the company has been providing for extensive services from one source in the area of post and postage optimisation; in particular, document collection, printing and enveloping and ending with delivery. e-integration and Wiegmann-DMP concentrate their services to a complete solution mix in the area of document output management.


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