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Michael Walther

Michael Walther is managing director of the e-integration GmbH and is responsible for the area of technology with main focus on customer implementations and the technical operation of the company. Furthermore, he manages the in-house development department and the data recording team.

After obtaining his master’s degree in computer science at the Technical University Munich, Michael Walther has been active in the product environment of enterprise software for nearly 20 years; during that time also several years at renowned companies in Silicon Valley, California. In particular, he deals with the various aspects of the integration of business applications within companies and beyond company boundaries.

In the process, Michael Walther became acquainted with product master data management on the side of a PIM software provider and particularly in a trade environment. He was responsible for the product management of the SA2 Worldsync and worked together with the operator of public master data pools and the GS1 Germany. Before that, he further developed item data management as a software architect directly at the operator Metro.

Michael Walther has extensive experience to offer in the area of archiving and content management from his many years of working as a software architect, manager and developer at EMC Documentum and Opentext, also in collaboration with SAP and Siebel.


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