Customer projects procurement

Auction: Servicing of air conditioning systems

A customer issued a request for proposals for the annual servicing of its industrial air conditioning systems via the PROebiz system. The previous costs amounted to approx. €34,000. Seven suppliers received the request, of which six directly participated in the reverse auction. The result was that the new service agreement was concluded for less than €25,000 and therefore, savings of approx. 29% were realised.

RFI: Price requests for chemical elements

Our customer requires chemical elements for its production in the area of the paper industry. Given that these prices fluctuate periodically, a continuous monitoring of the market prices is necessary. For this purpose, our customer uses the “RFI” function in PROebiz. The RFI project, which is created once, and therefore available, is copied weekly and sent to the suppliers with the request for price information. The work involved for the purchasing department as well as the supplier is less than two minutes. Therefore, PROebiz enables an efficient monitoring of prices, which leads to a significant reduction of recurring work processes.

Auction: Annual requirement of beverages

Our reference customer reissued a request for proposals for the annual requirement of beverages for employees and business entertainment (as released quantity), after its initial supplier announced a 7% price increase. Six different sized beverage distributors were invited to the auction, whereby the primary selection criterion was delivery free company warehouse. All invited suppliers submitted prices and three actively participated in the auction. The prices were able to be reduced by more than 20% compared to the existing costs, whereby the supplier with the price increase was also able to offer significant cuts in price. Ultimately, the annual requirement was awarded to a new supplier.


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