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e-integration becomes part of Esker, S.A., Lyon.
The e-procurement system is continued in an independent company Promitea GmbH.


The own e-procurement system PROmitea has been brought onto the international market.


Together with a group of software developers in Prerov, Czech Republic, the e-integration GmbH establishes the mutual company apitea s.r.o. as an essential reinforcement of its software development capacity.


e-integration starts the sale of a cloud-based software for e-procurement in the German market.


The market in former Yugoslavia is addressed via the distribution partnership with 8bit, Belgrade.


Yacom is renamed e-integration GmbH due to laws regarding to the use of names. WebEDI and e-invoicing with electronic signature and its verification complement the service of the EDI Clearing Center. This solution receives a certificate from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The cooperation with GWS Münster is formed.


The Yacom Business Solutions GmbH results as a management buyout (MBO) of the Deutsche PostCom GmbH. Yacom is positioned as the application service provider on the basis of the EDI Clearing Center, technically identical to the original Clearing Center of the Deutsche Post.


MLC merges with the Deutsche PostCom GmbH, the largest individual company within the new e-business holding of the Deutsche Post.


The Deutsche Post acquires 75% of MCL as a basis for its own business solutions.


The Management, Logistik und Communication Systeme GmbH (MLC) is founded as a pioneer for EDI in Germany and developer of software for JIT logistics.

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