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e-integration now part of Esker S.A., Lyon

On January 1st, 2017, e-integration became a fully-owned subsidiary of Esker S.A., Lyon.


30 years of experience in electronic B2B integration

The e-integration GmbH sustainably optimises the cross-company processes for all relationships between business partners. The electronic interchange of structured business documents (EDI) provides the basis.

We replace your manual processes with standardised and automated methods. This increases your company’s efficiency and reduces your process costs.

Benefit from the advantages of this electronic integration from order processing in sales to an extensive supply chain management. We provide support in the area of strategic purchasing, procurement marketing and electronic auctions with our electronic procurement tool.

Our leading position in the market as well as our know-how are the result of a 30 year company history with thousands of companies in Europe and North America connected to our cloud-based service.



EDI Basis Webinar am 23. November 2017 [mehr]
EDI Basis Webinar am 14. September 2017 [mehr]
e-integration-Rechnungen in neuem Erscheinungsbild Als neues Mitglied der Esker-Familie vereinheitlichen wir unsere Abläufe mit den konzernweiten Prozessen. In der Abrechnung setzen wir für alle unsere Kunden-Rechnungen ab dem 1.7.2017 die Esker-eigene Lösung für "Ausgangsrechnungen" (Accounts... [mehr]


EDI Basis Webinar am 23. November 2017 [mehr]
EDI Basis Webinar am 14. September 2017 [mehr]
EDI Basis Webinar am 11. Mai 2017 [mehr]