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e-integration to become part of Esker S.A., Lyon

On Thursday, October 27th, 2016, the owners of e-integration and the executive board of Esker S.A. reached an agreement to acquire e-integration GmbH, which leads to a definitive purchase agreement by the end of 2016.

Different Technologies, Complementary Solutions

e-integration has over 25 years of experience offering Services in Enterprise Collaboration based on the Standards and Technologies of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
Also for more than 30 years, Esker is helping its customers to efficiently perform document-oriented processes with their business partners.

e-integration and Esker share the same essential goals: streamlining back-office processes and inter-company exchanges while reducing the use of paper.
We are convinced that the combination of EDI-Services by e-integration and the process automation offered by Esker will become a strategic competitive advantage in the years to come. This extended portfolio offers our customers yet more complete support for B2B communication regardless of whether they use electronic mens of communication or more traditional channels including E-Mail, Web portals, EDI, Fax and mail.

Esker and e-integration have both been executing a cloud-based strategy for many years already.  e-integration’s e-center serves as the central platform for intelligent exchange of messages, enriched with versatile Services and Applications. The Esker-On-Demand  infrastructure allows companies to automate their inter-organizational document processes on a single platform. Esker and e-integration expect to be able to link their solutions in order to leverage their respective offerings and deliver significant added value to their customers.

Combination of two strong partners

Since Esker and e-integration share the same cloud-based business model, the acquisition will result in a smooth combination of two commercially strong partners. Both parties earn the majority of their revenue from fees based on the usage of their online platforms giving them a recurring and resilient revenue stream. For the new combined organization, this ensures both continuous revenue growth independent of economic conditions and a stronger capacity to invest in their platforms and solutions for the benefit of their customers. 

e-integration significantly strengthens Esker’s presence in Germany, the largest European market. Moreover, e-integration is to serve as a solid foundation for further extending sales and implementation capacity in the future joint evolution.

In this context, e-integration also announces the generational succession of corporate leadership in continuity for its customers and employees. Dr. Frantisek Bumba, the founder, owner and long-term CEO, is stepping down from the executive board and board of directors of e-integration. Michael Walther, who joined the executive board in 2012, will continue to oversee the operational business in the context of the Esker group.

Since 2014, in addition to its traditional EDI business, e-integration has been developing Promitea, a new cloud solution for e-Procurement. Promitea helps corporations to automate procurement, sourcing and purchasing processes through an online portal.
As part of the acquisition by Esker, the Promitea business is spun off. Dr. Frantisek Bumba will continue to drive its further development as Managing Director and main shareholder of a newly-to-be-founded Promitea GmbH. Esker will cooperate with Promitea and also hold a 20% stake in the new entity. Additionally, Esker will also have the option to buy the remaining shares of the Promitea GmbH at a later time.

We are looking forward to completing the acquisition process as soon as possible. It is expected to be done by the end of 2016. The subsequent phase will consist in planning and implementing our new organization and, most importantly, start off our successful collaboration with you and Esker!

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